Lakers counter offer


  I feel like they could still get it done with just Russ & 2 firsts.

  我觉得他们仍然可以通过威少 和 2 个首轮来完成这笔交易。

  Rob pelinka is a WHOLE L. Pacers were basically bailing them out of hell and they declined ??


  So you want the Lakers to have 4 centers, with AD that can also play center, and no Pat Bev?


  And they did the Patrick Beverley deal? Daniel Theis has a big contract, but he’s a good role player too. He has value to the lakers.


  How many centers do you want the lakers to have??


  That would’ve been a quick and easy done deal with me. Unload a washed Westbrook and a overrated player for two good players. They were basically getting depth at C and a really good starting C and a good starting SG for two picks.


  Y’all settled for Pat Bev and now ur still stuck with Westbrook. Could’ve had Nunn, Hield, Lebron, AD and Turner… I ain’t even a Westbrook hater (hope he has an all star recovery season) but that woulda been a much better situation.


  I can understand the logic, Lakers are going after Kyrie next offseason, Hield and Theis’s contracts completely fuck that up. Shedding the THT contract for 1 year of Bev isn’t the worst thing ever. 1 more year of Westbrook is gonna be depressing tho


  But Kyrie aint going to the lakers lol he’ll go wherever KD goes. they both staying in Brooklyn


  Lakers fans used to getting Pau Gasol tier robberies, so naturally are happy this deal didn’t happen.


  Fun fact, but Marc Gasol went from the Lakers to Memphis as part of the Pau Gasol trade. So that deal didn’t end up quite as lopsided as it seemed at the time.


  Good thing the Lakers declined…Hield and Turner are not that valuable or they would’ve been traded by now


  so, by your logic, Kevin Durant isn’t valuable either cause otherwise he would have been traded by now, eh?

  There are other things that factors into it, such as matching salary or compensation that the taker likes.


  Pacers dodged a bullet here


  Indiana Pacers are not interested in making their team better. They’re just making outrageous requests… Lakers need to hang up the phone and roll with what we have until Pacers realize there is no market for Hield other than Lakers.

  印第安纳步行者队没有兴趣让他们的球队变得更好。他们只是在提出一些无理的要求…… 湖人需要挂断电话,继续我们所拥有的,直到步行者意识到除了湖人之外,希尔德没有市场。

  Let’s all remember what the pacers got for Brogdon


  I always say no teams want to deal with the Lakers. But Indiana gave up their PG to celtics for peanuts.


  We don’t want Theis give us Haliburton


  If I’m the Lakers I am not doing this either. It really don’t make sense to trade a person who is in their prime and a person who is up and coming with two first round picks for a sharpshooter and a depleting big. Maybe Russ and 2 First rounds.


  Depleting big….Turner is 26 and leads the league in blocks every year


  Miami has the best package for the Lakers